Latest Studio CD Release from Code Indigo

Chill by Code Indigo - Instrumental electronic rock music cd

The 4th studio album is a topical musical statement of immense creativity, power and beauty that cleverly merges electronic, ambient and classic rock music like only Code Indigo can.

With no vocals this time out, Andy Lobban’s superb guitar takes centre stage and the album has a definite FWTB ‘concept’ feel to it, mixing samples, dark atmospherics plenty of light and shade and more than a few creative surprises. Dave Massey adds majestic rhythms while Wright & Fox’s musical input has never been more striking.

A truly sensational instrumental rock release!

More info on the Code Indigo Music page on AD Music

Click track titles for demo MP3s

  1. Autumn Fades
  2. Chill
  3. Vapour Tales
  4. Ten Degrees per Second
  5. Vapour Trails
  6. Back with Weather – Calm
  7. Back with Weather – Storm
  8. Vapour
  9. Cultures
  10. Culture Shift
  11. Vapour Tails
  12. Lost Radio (tuning in)
  13. Lost Radio (prog 1)
  14. Lost Radio (prog 2)
  15. Lost Radio (tuning out)

~ by admusic on April 12, 2007.

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