AD Music plan new Music DVD’s

UK based instrumental music label AD Music are releasing three more music DVDs to add to their popular “Ocean of Light” DVD released in 2005. The first of these will be a DVD to accompany music from their best of Volume 2, Sacred Skies CD, also released in 2005. Footage for the DVD is all original film taken by Dave Massey from around the UK and will feature, perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of sky and sunset. The original “Ocean of Light” DVD has proved very popular and AD Music are confident fans will enjoy the second volume just as much. More information can be found at the AD music shop online.

~ by admusic on August 15, 2008.

One Response to “AD Music plan new Music DVD’s”

  1. haven’t really heard much from them. i also haven’t listened to any of their music too but will check them out. hope they’re worth listening!

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