David Wright – Dreams and Distant Moonlight review (Germany)

The very impressive cover art shows that David Wright is taking us on a journey into the world of fantasy. Indeed, this could be a Yes cover and the music has the same wonderful escapist feel. David is well known for his perceptive, expressive melodies and atmospheres and that’s exactly what you hear on “Dreams And Distant Moonlight”. Each track flows seamlessly into the next and for that reason one must hear the album in its as entirety.

David embellishes the opening pieces with lovely piano melodies, soft and melancholy on “Velvetude” before slowly evolving in typical Wright style to tracks like “Just an Illusion part 1 + 2” with intricate rhythms and sequencing and superb lead and bass guitar guitar work. The album is varied and has wonderful Floyd like atmospheres and guitar on tracks like “State of Bliss”.  Other tracks are atmospheric sound paintings producing moods like in “State of Peace” and “Amorphous” or stunning electronic instrumental music soundscapes like “Heatwave in Blue”.

Once again David Wright has produced an exceptional work of electronic music that will also find listeners in progressive music.  Anyone who likes the music of David Wright or Code Indigo will absolutely love this album.  A superb concept work that like so many other AD albums lately, I recommend unconditionally.  For more information go to the AD Music website with it’s excellent online store.

~ by admusic on December 2, 2008.

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