Amazon customers can get AD Music titles direct from

With the news that The Orchard are no longer acting as a physical music distributor, independent labels like the UK’s AD Music no longer has a direct route into Amazon in the USA and Europe. In view of the fact that over 70% of the labels total CD sales are now coming direct from its own instrumental music online store, AD is confident it can continue to increase its global sales direct to customers and invites people who have purchased the labels music in the past from major online stores like Amazon to try out the AD Music online store. The label offers a fast and efficient, friendly service with many nice touches that includes free memorabilia. If you’d rather explore other reputable avenues, there are highly recommended mail order outlets in the USA (Eurock), UK (either CDS or SMD), Europe (Cue in Germany or Groove in NL) and Japan (iMusicstage) through whom AD Music titles can be purchased and full details of these excellent outlets can be found on the link page at AD Music. For further information on how to obtain AD Music CDs, please contact Elaine at or vist the AD Music website.

~ by admusic on December 23, 2008.

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