AD2009 – After the event.

So, we’re back home and trying to catch our breath and chill out for a few days before we load the van again and travel to Germany for the Bielefeld electronic music concert.

AD2009……..was it worth the effort? Absolutely! On a personal note, it was hard work and I must have appeared a tad stressed on occasion, but everything was okay because of the great crew at AD Music who ensured that all that needed to be done, was done. It wasn’t the plan that I play twice, indeed, originally it wasn’t the plan that the evening performance be a combined 2 hour plus set, it just kinda developed that way. Playing twice in one day is certainly not something I would want to repeat or recommend. That said, did I have a good time? You betcha! It was great and a real thrill to perform with my good friends Ian Boddy and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, but I did miss not having any time to chat to friends and fans. So to those I wasn’t able to talk to, “Next time” and to the fan who I forgot to announce “Happy Birthday”, please contact Elaine at AD Music asap!

Anyway, the venue itself was ideal for such an event and a provisional date HAS been booked for 11th September 2010. More details to follow when forthcoming concerts are concluded and we’re back home. Look out for an announcement in late November, early December.

My Code Indigo compatriots did well considering they were also expected to help as technicians all day, Nigel in particular did a grand job co-ordinating the sound and lighting, while Neil Fellowes did an excellent job as the PR man on the day. Congratulations to them for a great set. A lot of rehearsal went into it and it was worthwhile!

What can I say about Ron Boots and friends? What a tremendous set they presented, full of energy, very dynamic, the guys clearly enjoyed themselves and that enthusiasm transmitted to the audience. Harold on drums gave the whole thing an added dimension and it was great to have Frank (FD Project) on stage as well, for what I believe was his first UK appearance. Rock on boys, the set was tremendous!!!  It was also great fun to socialize with them before and after the gig.

I can’t say too much about the evening set myself other than to state what a pleasure it was to play alongside Ian and Klaus; everyone seemed to have a blast – the three of us and the audience – and the two hours just flew by! Looking forward to doing it all again!

To those behind the scenes and on the stalls; Dave Massey, Ron, Mike, Dan, Anne, Dagmar, my in-laws Lynn and John, my son Steve and in particular my wife Elaine (man, does she have a lot to put up with or what?!) thanks for all the effort and hard work before, during and after the event. It was also great to meet Uriel who flew all the way from Israel to be part of the day and help promote his new album.

Thanks also to the fans for coming. Maybe next year more will come, because the only disappointment of AD2009 was that the venue was only half full.

David Wright

~ by admusic on September 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “AD2009 – After the event.”

  1. Hi Dave. Well done! We really enjoyed the event. If you could contact me or e-mail the Code Indigo set list I will add to my hasty review. We will be there next year and hope to bring more people. I volunteer to help contribute/write text for a programme next time. I’m sure most people would want a souvenir of the event and have something to read between acts etc..Take care and I hope you are having a well earned rest. Did you get my e-mail? Steve Roberts

  2. Congratulations David. I was so dissapointed not to be able to make it this year – I had every wish to do so but circumstances were just against me. I will absolutely not be missing this next year – it sounds like I missed quite a wonderful show.

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