David Wright & Robert Fox “Before Time” download album coming soon…………….

Robert Fox & David Wright AD80CD (100 minutes download only) 1st December release date (price £8:45)

Before Time (Collectors Edition – the original studio recording sessions of “Time Code” by David Wright & Robert Fox)

This download album gathers the original studio recordings of the momentous Code Indigo album “Time Code” as composed by David Wright & Robert Fox. The album includes previously unreleased instrumental music and the original unreleased versions of some of the music to be found on the Time Code album. It is a fascinating insight into the compositional process, showing the original compositions and how they differ from the eventual album release after the input of Dave Massey (rhythms), Louise Eggerton (vocals) and Andy Lobban & Nigel Turner-Heffer (guitars) transformed the Wright/Fox compositions into Code Indigo music.

The music on “Before Time” was recorded live and edited afterwards to review for inclusion in the Code Indigo Time Code project, so there is a real spontaniety and live feel to it all that makes the whole album wonderfully chilled and compelling. The 15 Before Time” tracks are interlinked to produce one drifting electronic space music epic and it’s much, much more than just a rough draft – here are the original, sometimes quite inspired electronic music performances of tracks like “24am” and “Call of the Earth”, plus beautiful additional pieces that never made the final album simply because of the time constraints and the sheer amount of excellent material composed. And in the bonus “Time Code Exodus” track, you’ll hear further alternate versions and arrangements. This collection shows just how prolific Wright & Fox were during this period and it is a worthy companion to the “Time Code” album itself, and most definitely worthy of a special download release.

Before Time
BT1 (1:40)
BT2 (1:13)
BT3 (2:51)
BT4 (5:50)
BT5 (4:58)
BT6 (4:39)
BT7 (1:16)
BT8 (8:07)
BT9 (10:22)
BT10 (2:32)
BT11 (3:33)
BT12 (8:21)
BT13 (0:53)
BT14 (2:33)
BT15 (8:09)
Time Code Exodus (34:23)

Composed by David Wright & Robert Fox 2004
Edited, Arranged and produced by David Wright 2004-2009

~ by admusic on November 23, 2009.

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