Beyond Paradise – Best of AD Music Volume 3

Volume 3 of the essential “Best Of” series from AD Music contains melodic and emotive electronic music that will take you on a wonderful journey beyond paradise. This is deeply moving, gently rhythmic and inspirational instrumental music that manages to be vibrant, uplifting and tranquil. Featuring superbly remastered and edited music from some of the most respected and accomplished composers of the genre, this album will have broad appeal and will be of interest to existing fans already familiar with the catalogue. A truly beautiful album of pure quality and class.

01. Callisto – Chilled Naiad (5:49)
02. David Wright – First Call (4:57)
03. Steve Barnes – A Snow Scene (4:08)
04. Robert Fox – Three Sisters (4:40)
05. Uriel – Oasis (6:24)
06. Code Indigo – SyncGate (4:45)
07. Wim – Sirens From The Past (5:05)
08. Geigertek – Spirit Walking (5:16)
09. Dhyanam – A Second First Impression (4:03)
10. Ashok – Radioscope (5:10)
11.  Ramsaygee – Digital Nights (4:44)
12. Catalin – Treasures of The Deep (6:04)
13. Bekki Williams – Ephemeris (3:02)
14. Robert Fox – Dirty Old Train (7:25)
15. David Wright – All Good Things….(6:58)

Available from all major outlets on CD or download from 24th May 2010.

~ by admusic on May 6, 2010.

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