Geigertek – The Timeless Mind

The Timeless Mind is a compelling new work that may leave you just a little surprised at how far removed it is from the 2008 debut “The Garden”. Putting aside the fact that “The Timeless Mind” sounds really great courtesy of the added mix and mastering input of Callisto (Dave Massey & David Wright), musically the album has progressed some distance from the new age leanings of the debut outing to a more sophisticated and evolving electronic music style, while still retaining the classical and melodic, emotive musical canvas that is so indicative of Geigertek. Tracks like “What Dreams May Come”, “Until the end of Time” and “In Another Light” all exude a wonderful ethereal passion with gorgeous atmospherics behind effective sequencing to drive the tracks along. However the highlight is undoubtably the stunning “Spirit Walking” with its punchy rhythms and catchy theme that’ll have you reaching for the repeat button and humming the tune long after the chords have drifted off into space. A really fine effort and deserving of a wide audience to hear it!

1.  The Stirring of Echoes (5:32)
2.  Passing (6:33)
3.  What Dreams May Come (7:20)
4.  Until the End of Time (6:38)
5.  In Another Light (9:04)
6.  The Embrace of Eternity (13:13)
7.  The Timeless Mind (5:31)
8.  Spirit Walking (5:18)
9.  The Gift of Goodbye (3:04)

Due for release on 24th May 2010 but the album will be available at e-day in Holland on 22nd May.

~ by admusic on May 6, 2010.

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