The Pels Syndicate – Chemical Inconveniences review

Review from Electronic musicmall, April 2012
Downtempo electronica and melodic chillout.
Chemical Inconveniences has a strong melodic content any highly contemporary instrumental music style. Light digital beats click, tap, crunch and thud against liquid clear synths whilst complementary washes, arpeggios and electronic embellishments flush and drift in harmony. The rhythms range from the languid, dreamy laziness of A Beautiful Mind and Trying To Remember to the dynamic mid-tempo artificial hi hat flutter of Mersik and Boomchik Dancing and the synth-pop drama of Transition Zone. Tending mostly toward the lower end of the bpm spectrum, the album has a delightful laid back vibe that can function either as relaxing background music or as a rewarding headphones exploration. The eleven compositions here have something of the immediacy and catchiness of mainstream pop, yet they manage to retain a pleasing air of dignity and sharp IDM credibility. Glitchy tendencies, intriguing peripheral effects and crisp production steer the music deftly away from new-age cheesiness, ensuring that the harmonious warmth and tranquil appeal of Chemical Inconveniences don’t become too sugary.

Chemical Inconveniences is a jewelcase presentation which is also available in electronic format. The front cover homes in on an image that recurs throughout the package, namely a mechanical-looking molecule structure with planet earth as the central sphere. Radiating metallic arms support shiny projections in diminishing fractal variety. This artificial contruct hangs upon a turquoise-indigo backdrop that is of similar organic-mechanic ambiguity: liquid ripples and perfect graduated sky. Track titles along with their associated timings are found both on the rear cover and within the two-panel inset. Contact information and brief credits are also to be found within.

Dutch soundtrack producer/musician Frank Pels follows up Cinematic Blue with this latest album Chemical Inconveniences. A musician from an early age, Pels has toured and recorded with various pop bands as well as having composed music for numerous commercials, TV programmes, films, fashion shows, laser shows, etc. etc.. This solo release sees Pels’ pop-honed skills and keen cinematic sensibilities working in tight cohesion; the result is an unusual hybrid of melodic hooks and electro-chill with some very blissful vibes and rapturous presence. The technical quality is fantastic and there are layers to the music that might not be immediately apparent. Released via the AD Music label, tracks can be sampled via the AD website or The Pels Syndicate site own site.

~ by admusic on April 30, 2012.

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