New Releases from Steve Orchard

Two great download releases from Steve Orchard that continue his acoustic electronic/new age music adventures. Both albums are officially released on 15th March 2013 but the download versions can be purchased now exclusively from the AD Music website. CDr version available to pre-order with 15% discount. Type ‘steve’ in coupon box when ordering. For more information and sound bite please click here and visit Steve Orchard’s AD Music page.

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Steve Orchard – Beyond the Realm of Angels  (AD125CDr)
This album is full of melodic imagery that is propelled along on the wings of some terrific percussion and keyboard work. Indeed, Steve’s music sits somewhere between ‘mood elevating new age music’ and ‘acoustic based electronic music’. The result is a wonderful blend of melodic, emotive and well structured electro/acoustic music that drifts by effortlessly, sometimes with dark undertones and deep mystery, while at other times with a sense of joyous life and the grandeur of creation that is perhaps indeed, ‘Beyond the Realm of Angels’.

Steve Orchard  –  One Midsummer Morning   (AD126CDr)
‘As I walked Out One Midsummer Morning’ is a collection of gently vibrant, uplifting acoustic guitar and keyboard based instrumental music tracks backed with beautiful orchestration and occasional rhythms. The music perfectly captures the mood and feel of Laurie Lee’s lyrical account of his voyages as a young man in the book ‘As I walked out one midsummer morning’. This is a heartfelt, melodic musical statement of some distinction.

For more information and sound bite please click here and visit Steve Orchard’s AD Music page.




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