AD Music announce series of download compilation releases to celebrate 25 year Anniversary.

40 Electronic Music ThemesADAD Music is pleased to announce a series of download compilations to celebrate the labels 25th anniversary. The first release is a 3 volume set of electronic music themes retailing at £9:99. Further releases in the series will include chill, space music and ambient music compilations and these will all be double volume. All the tracks have been digitally remastered specially for these compilations. Here are details of the first compilation and the official press release:


40 of the Very Best Laid Back Electronic Music Themes AD.

Catalogue Number: AD134Digital

MP3/Flac Download £9.99 (please note these are download releases only).

Release date 1st August 2014.

Celebrating 25 years as one of the most prolific producers of melodic electronic space and chill out music, AD Music presents a 40 track, three volume compilation featuring some of its most memorable and famous themes covering the labels entire roster of artists and styles.

This is thematic electronic music that is as equally at home in the car as it is for late night chill-out. It is music with it’s own identity, not defined by current trends but by the creative originality of musicians not shackled by commercial constraints.

With artists from the USA, England, Romania, France Italy, Norway, Israel and South Africa, this endearing and enduring UK based collective is truly international and while the label and most of its artists have often been below the radar of the mainstream press, the continued quality of the music has ensured it’s own loyal fan base and perennial sales. The music has often featured on film and TV worldwide, as well as winning critical acclaim and numerous prestigious music awards.

01. Robert de Fresnes – Atlantis
02. Wim – Econ Theme
03. The Kobolt Project – Ocean of Light
04. Code Indigo – 24 AM
05. Robert Fox – Queen of Hearts
06. David Wright – The Sound Of Waves
07. Acheloo – Sirens
08. Bekki Williams – Elysian Fields (Part 1)
09. Claudio Merlini – Travellers In Time
10. Divine Matrix – Hydrosphere
11. Witchcraft – Ultraviolet
12. Dreamerproject – The Road To Your Heart
13. Glenn Main – Deep Within
14. Robert Fox – Thundering Water (Niagra)
15. Bekki Williams – In The Arms Of Morpheus
16. The Kobolt Project – Odessa Ambience
17. The Pels Syndicate – Smooth Night life
18. Code Indigo – Chill
19. Callisto – Elara
20. David Wright – Momentum (Part 3)
21. Ash Prema – Radioscope
22. Geigertek – Spirit Walking
23. Catalin Marin – Treasures Of The Deep
24. Dead Beat Project – Memoires Astrales
25. Dyhanam – Silent Talk
26. Paul Sills – Eternity
27. Bekki Williams – A Breath Away
28. iotronica – Watching Lava Plumes on Io
29. Uriel – Kalanshu Sands
30. David Wright – Rysheara
31. Code Indigo – Code 14
32. Richard Bone – Eucalypitico
33. RamsayGee – Digital Nights
34. Enterphase – Snow Paths
35. Divine Matrix – The Fade
36. Robert Fox – Three Sisters
37. Steve Orchard – Cutting Water
38. Sylvain Carel – Nucleogenesis
39. Lord of the Ants – Indifferent Sea
40. Witchcraft – We Rest

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