E-Live 2015

Wanted to post something about last weekends e-live event. We’ve been going to e-live and e-day for years now, always have a good time even when the attendance hasn’t been great. It’s become more than just ‘having a stand and selling CDs’, it’s an opportunity to meet fans and old friends, some of whom go back over 25 years. It’s good to enjoy it all and be involved in day.

Last week though………… well, last week was something a little special! There was a great atmosphere, which in truth isn’t unusual, but personally I felt there was something a bit special this time.

The opening act was Synthex, the youngest act on the EM circuit as far as I know, and who I had the privilege of seeing perform here 18 months ago. This time given his chance on the main stage he gave a stunning performance! Clearly relishing the chance to show what he can do, he played a barnstorming 45 minute set of terrific electronic music, and wow can that lad play! And he’s such a really nice young man – the future of the em scene is safe in such hands!

Although I didn’t see Roswell Incident, in part because Elaine and I looked after their stand, they also went down well and I certainly enjoyed the CD I purchased.

Next up was Gert Emmens and I admit to being a big fan, thoroughly enjoying his thickly textured melodic sequencing and soundscapes. Check out his awesome CD ‘Signs’.

I only saw a little of BMI playing upstairs but again, they seemed to go down well with the audience.

And so to the final act, Manuel Gottsching. As I settled at the back of the auditorium the anticipation was palpable and the next 90 minutes didn’t disappoint. Like a teenager watching their favourite band for the first time it was a case of “Great – it’s Sunrain” and “Yay, Midnight on Mars and Shuttle Cock”. Even the thumping kick drum on ‘Deep Distance’ was forgiven because it was all so…………GREAT! And more than that, it was pure nostalgia!

Manuel has such a delicate and deft hand playing his guitar, he has an artistry that few others possess or can even get close to and the combination of guitar and synths was terrific. Also refreshing was the excellent lighting and lack of any backdrop – there was only one thing to focus on – Manuel Gottsching!

As always, well done to Ron and Monique Boots and all the Groove crew who put in so much hard work to make the event so successful.

~ by admusic on October 23, 2014.

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