AD Music 25 years discount offer update.

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AD Music Logo 2014As many of you may be aware, AD Music is celebrating 25 years since its first release and by the end of 2014 it will have notched up over 150 releases.

By way of continuing our celebration, ALL available titles now have a 25% discount, while forthcoming releases have pre-order discounts of 15% or 20%.

Please note this doesn’t apply to downloads.

For the 25% discount you need to type ’25 years’ in the coupon box in the shopping basket.

For pre-orders, the discount is triggered automatically when you order.

On behalf of all the AD Music artists, past and present, I’d like to thank you for your support on the journey. Can’t promise another another 25 years, but, we’ll certainly do our best!

New Dreamerproject ep ‘Visions’ now available from AD Music

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Dreamerproject - Visions ep

Here are details of a brand new 5 track download ep from Dreamerproject called ‘Visions’. The official release date through major online stores, like itunes etc, is 19th September 2014, but the EP is available exclusively from the AD Music website now.

Details and sound bites can be found at

Here is the official press release:

MP3/Flac download
Worldwide release date 19th September 2014! Catalogue number AD142Digital
Category: Electronic / Chill Out

01. Horizons (5:27)

02. Sunrise (4:59)

03. Visions (5:37)

04. Glorious (6:26)

05. Drifting (5:25)

Music composed, performed, arranged and produced by Kjetil Ingebrigtsen.
Music Published by Notting Hill Music Group plc.

An EP from Norwegian musician Kjetil Ingebrigtsen aka Dreamerproject containing 5 brand new instrumental tracks of dreamy, chill out style electronic music.

Kjetil has developed his own unique sound, that for reference is in the moody, melodic Chris Franke style of electronic music (think ‘Pacific Coast Highway’), with occasional tinges of Vangelis.

The sounds and production are contemporary and the music is a bold attempt to bridge the electronic / chill out genres, which it does with some success due to the dreamy melodic quality of the music itself.

All 5 pieces have strong, haunting themes that you’ll find yourself humming after a few plays and the music should find favour with fans of traditional electronic music, melodic new age, space music and chill out music alike.

Available from iTunes, Amazon and all major outlets from 5th September 2014
For press enquiries please contact Elaine at AD Music:
Tel: +44 (0) 1986 894712 email:
For Worldwide Distribution enquiries please contact:
New World Music! Telephone: +44 (0) 1986 891600

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iotronica - Of Moons and Stars 1500The additional work on the forthcoming debut CD by Iotronica ‘Of Moons and Stars’ (AD133CD) was completed this weekend and we think it’s sounding great!

The sample tracks on the AD Music site are now changed to reflect the new mixes.

Promo copies are starting to go out this week, so if you’re a radio host and you’re not on our promo list, then please contact us at AD Music through the website contact page (‘Contact’ on left hand menu).

Despite the delay, the CD will be released on time, 5th September, although the download release will now be later, the 19th September.

The CD is available to pre-order with a 15% discount from the AD Music online store until the day before release.

Iotronica is a new UK female synth musician with space music somewhere between Michael Stearns and Bekki Williams.

‘Of Moons and Stars’ is compelling and unique and is also mixed, mastered and co-produced by David Wright who adds his deft touch throughout and synth leads on a couple of tracks.

More information and sound bites can be found here on the AD Music website

David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1 now available to pre-order.

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Beyond the Airwaves Vol 1AD Music is pleased to announce that the new David Wright CD ‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1’ is now available to pre-order fom the AD Music website with a 15% pre-order discount. The discount will automatically be applied when you order. Please note the discount does not apply to downloads.

Sound bites and further information are also available. Please click here for more details.


Here is the official press release:

David Wright
Beyond the Airwaves (Volume 1)
Catalogue number AD115CD
UPC Number 780017011526
Category: Electronic / Space / Downtempo
Release date 5th September 2014.
Available on CD and as MP3/Flac download.
1. Drifting In (3:57)
2. Gravity Waves (7:02)
3. ISEE3 (2:35)
4. Forward Motion (8:00)
5. Strange Inventions (9:09)
6. Dream FM (9:40)
7. Stratos (6:53)
8. Penumbra (4:26)
9. The Gift (6:34)
10. Acheron (5:26)
11. Cest la Vie (8:19)
12. Partial Eclipse (5:40)

Total album time 78.00

Music composed, performed, arranged and produced by David Wright.
Published by Notting Hill Music Publishing Group plc.

‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1’ is the 25th solo album from UK synth veteran David Wright and also marks 25 years since his first release. Originally intended as a double CD, Volume 2 will now be released in early 2015.

The 12 interlinked tracks are actually 4 long pieces that ebb and flow with commanding themes and a sweeping grandeur. The music covers a variety of electronic music styles with strong rhythms and sequences underpinning a multitude of layers and lush passages that are rich with drama. There are 48 minutes of new music plus an epic 30 minute reimagining of his classic ‘Walking with Ghosts’ suite.

The music is taken from live concerts in the USA and Europe in 2012 and 2013, all reworked and added to afterwards in the studio. The idea being to combine the spontaneity of the concert recordings with the more disciplined and creative studio approach to present a blend of both and hopefully, something a little different.

‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1’ is a pulsating voyage into cosmic electronic music and a worthy addition to David Wright’s extensive catalogue.

Available from iTunes, Amazon and all major outlets from 5th September 2014
For press enquiries please contact Elaine at AD Music:
Tel: +44 (0) 1986 894712 email:

Bekki Williams – Shadow of the Wind pre-order details

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Bekki Williams - Shadow of the Wind (Remaster) 1500Ahead of a busy month of releases, we’re pleased to announce that the remastered CD “Shadow of the Wind” by Bekki Williams is now available to pre-order from the AD Music website with a 20% discount, (automatically applied when you order).

Click here for full details and sound bites and to pre-order you copy.

CDs will be shipping on 5th September.

The album is also available to order as MP3 and Flac download.

‘Shadow of the Wind’ is one of Bekki’s most popular albums and has been out of print for a couple of years now. This specially remastered version brings the music more vividly to life and also includes additional music.

David Wright’s ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ Volumes 1 and 2 – update.

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Beyond the Airwaves Vol 1As previously reported, there is a new David Wright CD scheduled for September release. However, this is not the previously reported double, which is in fact now being split into two separate CD releases.

So, ‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1’ will be released on 5th September with Volume 2 released hopefully, later in the year, or latest early 2015. The reason for this is down to David’s schedule which has not afforded him the studio time to complete several tracks on CD 2, including new music with Robert Fox and Carys. It was felt that splitting ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ into 2 volumes was the best option and ensures fans weren’t kept waiting.

The album(s) feature brand new music and reworked live material from 2012/13 including concert music from Germany, USA and the UK. That said, this is not a live album, as the live music has been expanded upon and reworked in the studio. It includes a brand new 30 minute re-imagining of his classic opus ‘Walking with Ghosts’, first performed with Klaus Hoffman Hook in December 2012 at Bochum Planetarium, Germany.

There are 4 tracks totaling 78 minutes, split into 11 parts. Tracks 1 – 3 is reworked music performed in Bochum, Germany in 2012 and again in the UK at The Awakening in 2013. Tracks 4 & 5 were originally recorded in the USA for Echoes radio, track 6 was originally an encore for a German concert in 2012. Tracks 7 – 11 is the re-imagined ‘Walking with Ghosts’ originally recorded in the USA and Germany, but substantially reworked and added to in the studio.

Sound bites should be on the AD Music web site by 1st August.

Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1 Track listing: 1. On the Airwaves –  2. Forward Motion – 3. Gravity Waves – 4. Strange Inventions – 5. Dream FM – 6. Stratos – 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Walking with Ghosts (parts 1 – 5)

‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 2’ contains a mammoth re-imagining of music from ‘Moments in Time’, simply titled ‘Return to the Plains’ and originally performed live in the UK in 2012. Once again, this music has been substantially added to and enhanced in the studio. The rest of the music is brand new studio music, including a space music suite provisionally titled ‘Beyond the Rift’. There is also the aforementioned new music featuring Robert Fox and Carys, plus more. Further details to follow in September.Beyond the Airwaves Vol 2

Divine Matrix news

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A new Divine Matrix CD is in the pipeline, probably for early 2015 release. There is also a series of ‘download only’ releases called “Soundscapes Volume 1, 2, 3  etc which will feature more drifting, experimental music from the imagination of Steve Barnes’s Divine Matrix project. More news to follow…………..

Bekki Williams ‘Shadow of the Wind’ remastered CD/download imminent.

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Bekki Williams - Shadow of the Wind (Remaster) 1500AD Music is pleased to report that a remastered ‘Shadow of the Wind’ by Bekki Williams will be reissued on CD and in download format on 5th September 2014. The new album also includes additional music written specially by Bekki Williams for this release. The original album has been out of print for a couple of years now, although it is available as a download. This re-issue has been remastered by David Wright, helping to vividly bring to life the excellent music of the original recording. More news to follow including pre-order offer details that should be available in a couple of weeks. Watch this space for more information…………….

AD Music featured in ‘top experimental labels’ article.

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An interesting article about electronic music that features some nice words about AD Music can be found here:

Awakenings Electronic Music event 19th July.

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Okay, this was very remiss of me because there is also an Awakening event next week, Saturday 19th July!

Apologies to all concerned for leaving it so late to post details. It features The Cosmic Smokers, Blue Lily Commission & Tang. As before, please visit the Awakening page here for full details, including tickets and virtual tickets if you can’t attend in person.awakenings_banner